Poker Domino Understanding the Ranking System

Poker Domino: Understanding the Ranking System

The Domino Poker, unlike the standard poker game, has a different set of rankings. Dominos tiles are flat rectangular tiles with two numbers on each tile in the form of dots. The numbers from 1 to 6 are distributed among the tiles, these tiles along with a few blank tiles combine to form a dominos set. For example, {1-1,1-2, 1-3, 1-4, 1-5,…}. When the tiles are used for a Poker Dominoes game, the tiles that have 1-1 combination and all the blank tiles are removed. The number of tiles remaining is 21 in number. Now based on the different type of combinations, the highest ranks are decided. Enjoy the games at domino qiu qiu after learning about the ranking system here. Listed below is the list of combinations and their names from the highest ranking set to the lowest ranking one.

Royal Hand

This is the set where each of a player’s tiles has double numbers. That is, the tiles have the combination 2-2 right up to the combination 6-6. This is the rarest combination and requires a high amount of luck to obtain. If you do happen to obtain this hand, you are basically invincible, so if you want to win a bigger pot, make others believe your hand is not very high, this will give them the confidence to bid more. The faster the players fold, the lesser you will win.

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This is a set of dominoes in which three out of five tiles are doubles and the remaining two can have any combination. This is a combination that only one player gets due to the fact that there are a total of 5 doubles in a set of Dominoes poker.


This is when all the five tiles have a common number but the other numbers are not in order.


This is when a player has two double tiles. There are many possible combinations, in this case, so the numbers are ranked with 66 getting the highest and 2-2 getting the lowest.

High Tile

If during a game, no one has any of the above hands, then the player with the highest ranking double is the winner. As stated before the heaviest tile is a 6-6 and the lowest one a 2-2. If no player has a double, the tile with the highest number of dots wins. Learn how to play Poker Domino and enjoy the games at domino qiu qiu for the best playing experience.