Online Betting

Online Betting In Asia – A Wildfire

Sports betting is one of the oldest forms of gambling in the world. The Roman empire did it and has lived on to today’s modern ways. Betting has come online and has become fully digital. In a world where everyone and everything is connected, online betting has landed straight into the palm of everyone’s hands, and I mean that quite literally. Advances in smartphone technology mean that more complicated programs can be handled by smartphones, making it a breeze for them to handle online casino and betting apps. At the same time, advances in internet and networks ensure that the user is connected anywhere that there is a signal. Anyone, and everyone. With this kind of saturation, any app that’s pushed and with the right kind of advertising campaign will definitely click.


     Why do people even bother with apps? It is simple really, they need entertainment.  Online gambling has that in spades. Put that in a small package that’s in the palm of their hands with the combo of access anywhere. In Asia, online gambling and betting have been met with an overwhelming success. In third-world and developing countries here, it is a bit challenging to get access to a decent internet connection and desktop computers. The smartphone industry changed that, and now practically everyone has access to a data connection and what is essentially a computer in the palm of their hands. Combine that with Asian peoples deeply rooted affinity to gambling and you have a winner. Already, dadu online games, cockfighting, and other traditional gambling forms have transitioned into the digital form. Although a fairly new entry into the online gambling world, Asia is taking it by storm.

Online Betting In Asia


      Gambling is already an addicting activity in its traditional form. Making it online will actually make it all the more potent in being addictive. Of course, people and companies will argue that it depends on the person and yes ultimately it’s true. We wholeheartedly agree with that but consider this, you already KNOW its addicting and then you add elements that will even make it more so. I guess what we are saying would be some measures should be implemented before an online game would load up, some sort of warning should come up with wording similar to a box of cigarettes warning them of the dangers.

Video Games

      Essentially, online gambling has combined the elements that make online gaming or any video games employ to appeal to more gamers. they combine visual effects with colors that appeal on the subconscious level to be more addicting. Sounds are also added that just the sound of the game or app starting will trigger endorphins. This would be okay if it’s just adults with full mental; capacity and their years of experience backing up their decisions that get exposed to these games, so again it all depends on us to educate ourselves about the dangers of online gambling.