Mobile phone enough: Play with real money in Mobile slot machine

It is a real time casino game which makes you feel the game playing in a live way. When a Smart phone is fully charged with its bill, it can do lot more things than just using it for calls. Purchasing games, songs, books, apps and depositing cash for Mobile casinos can be done using smart phone. There are 3 ways to pay thru mobile in a live casino like

Pay thru Phone bill:

Few mobile service providers tie up with the mobile casino sites or apps to provide financial support. It is very simple that making cash deposit in casino site will reflect in monthly bill. But there would be some daily limit to support the players’ bank roll too. This is most used method among the die-hard fans of gambling. They almost incur $5000- $7000 bill too. This is most popular way among the gamers as it is only way to win big.

Pay thru mobile credit:

Instead of the cash deposit in mobile casino reflecting in phone bill but it can add to the mobile credits. This option pay as you go is also available for few mobile casino sites. The withdrawal happens instantly from the credits. This can avoid the huge shoot up in mobile bills.

Other options:

The mobile casino sites account can be topped up using credit cards, debit cards, e-wallets. All these can be done through the phone.  It’s the best online entertainment option for the gamers without thinking of bank roll. The mobile number if subscribed to the mobile casino site, the bonuses offered also can be added directly to mobile account. They offer secured and safe transactions with all verified payments.

This is an evolutionary step to increase popularity of not only mobile slot games but also online gambling. The safety and security features offered by the sites or apps also provide security for their payments also with great enjoyment.  Any mobile Android, iPhone, etc… can be registered for these options. As these sites tie up with service providers, there will not be levied any extra charges. The SMS feature available as soon as making the payment allows player to track all the expenditures.

Mobile casino sites encourage the players to use these pay by phone options by providing best welcome offers. They also provide extra cash deposit options along with free spinning wheels or accessing them for just a penny. They also waive off the wagering requirements for withdrawals too.