Online Casino Game

Are you finding the detailed information about bandar ceme?

Influence of online casino games in today scenario tends to be increasing rapidly, because its attractive gaming features and easy way to earn money. There are several online casino games available on online and among that bandar ceme online really works effectively by provoking the interest of the players to a higher extent. Through this game, you can win money easily and you need to follow some expert’s advice. Here in this tutorial the procedure of this game is explained clearly so that it may help all the players to play this game with high efficiency. So, let’s stop wasting time and let us go through the simple tactics involved in this Bandar ceme online play.

Detailed strategy

Bandar ceme online is merely same as QQ but in domino QQ 4 dominoes are being used and here in ceme game play only 2 domino cards are taken and this is really an interesting game absorbing all online gamers to enjoy efficient game play. Coming to the procedure of the game, it actually contains 28 dominoes in each and every round and the simple way to remember all the cards is to group those cards into series of 7 types and it should be in the format like

  • 0 to 7
  • 1 to 6
  • 2 to 5
  • 3 to 4
  • 4 to 3
  • 5 to 2
  • 6 to 1

Online Casino Game

If it is arranged properly in this format it will be quite easy for the players to remember the cards and also this increases the interest of the game without any confusion.

The next important criteria in this game is that about 2 to 8 players play as black seats and only one player must compulsorily act as dealer as red chair.

Winning strategy and payment procedure

The next comes the important part of the game which is payment procedure and here if the total number of the player cards increases than the card of the dealer, it is must that the dealer should pay the bet money of the player. Winning strategy here has 4 different formats and they are like

  • Dealer wins
  • Series dealer win
  • Card Q players win
  • Card Q dealer wins

Another captivating part in this game is that if the players acquire 9 cards then the dealer should pay double the value of the bet of the players. If this happens to the dealer then he will gather all the bets even if the players carry down the highest value.

These are the few instructions given related to the game bandar ceme online and it is must for all players or the dealers to understand about the gaming procedure which would help them to involve in the game tactically and to win all the bets easily.